Texas A&M Opens New West Campus Data Center

In 2010, Texas A&M’s then-Vice President for IT, Dr. Pierce Cantrell, saw the need for a new data complex to expand the university’s resources to meet the growing demand for innovative technology. The Texas A&M Board of Regents approved Phase 1 of the project in 2016, and the renovations began.

Now, the new highly available data center is 50,000 square feet, with 30,000 for computing, and ready to meet the present and future needs of the university. It will more than double the existing data center space on campus, allowing multiple individually managed servers in a single location.

Every day over 45 terabytes of information are transferred over the campus network, with fiber and Wi-Fi hotspots being added regularly to meet the needs of the growing campus.

“It was a joy to work with Texas A&M University on this project,” says Bud Griffin & Associates. “Together, we built a Data Center ‘poised for the future.'”

Learn more about the technical details of the data center on Texas A&M’s website.

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