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PQI Transformers


Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

PQI has been on the leading edge of harmonic mitigation solutions longer than any other manufacturer in the industry. Our harmonic mitigating transformers are manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO 9001 facility, and our product designs have been proven highly effective in real-world scenarios. PQI harmonic mitigating transformers meet or exceed their published efficiencies under the nonlinear load conditions for which they’re designed. For these reasons, many engineers insist upon PQI for the most effective harmonic mitigation solutions.
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Ultra-Efficient Transformers (CSL3, CSL3 Plus, CSL4)

Our Type EY e-Rated® transformers are an easy choice for building owners looking for energy-efficient solutions with exceptional performance, even in lightly loaded settings such as schools and commercial buildings. Because distribution transformer loading is typically in a range between 9% & 17% of their full load rating, we’ve designed our e-Rated® transformers with extremely low Excitation (no-load) Losses. This is achieved with advanced full and step-lap, miter-cut core designs using high quality grain-oriented silicon steel.
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Ultra-Efficient, Phase Current Balancing Isolation Transformers for Phase-to-Phase Connected Server Loads

Our Type SY e-Rated® transformers for PDUs that supply phase-to-phase connected 240V server loads, which are typically supplied at 208V, reduce their switch-mode power supplies load current by 15.4% and their I2R losses by 33.2%. Since more than 50% of the heat generated in a rack enclosure is generated by the switch-mode power supplies, cooling requirements are significantly reduced. The transformer and feeder circuits supplying the racks benefit from identical reductions.


Medium Voltage Power Transformers

In addition to our ultra-efficient custom power transformers, PQI is the only manufacture with a complete line of harmonic mitigating power transformers. These products are available in primary voltages up to 35kV, 95kV BIL, in indoor and outdoor enclosures. In addition to their standard off-load tap-changers, our power transformers are available on-load tap-changers for industrial and utility applications.
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Cast Coil Transformers

For installations in harsh or polluted environments, our cast coil transformers offer high-performance and low-maintenance costs, and protection from short circuits, momentary overloads, impulse voltages, and temperature fluctuations. Our cast coil transformers are highly suited for rapid transit application.
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General Purpose Transformers

While we typically promote the application of our ultra-efficient and harmonic mitigating transformers, we realize general purpose transformers might be acceptable for owners focused solely on first-cost or for projects involving a mix of transformer types. Our general purpose, Type T transformers meet DOE 2016 efficiency requirements, are cost competitive, and are backed by our industry-leading, 10-year warranty.
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Specialty / Custom Transformers

A significant portion of PQI’s production is the design and manufacture of specialty and custom transformers. We have the engineering know-how and experience to meet virtually any requirement. Please give us a call at 713.664.5462.
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