Thank you to everyone that attended this year’s BGA Battery Day events in Austin and San Antonio! Both events were wonderfully successful, filled with pertinent presentations and engaging conversation. The continuing education provided at these events helps drives our industry and it is your attendance that makes that upward trajectory possible.

Shawn Pishkin (Emerson) kicked things off with his first of two presentations; a discussion on the various types and characteristics of batteries. He reviewed the main considerations when choosing a battery and how to distinguish between VRLA and VLA (flooded) batteries. He outlined how to match typical battery technology type to UPS capacity and listed the advantages and disadvantages of NiCad (Nickle Cadmium), Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) and Sodium Nickel batteries. He also detailed how the system environment affects battery selection and lifespan.

Next up was Mark Harrell (Alber). He discussed the importance of battery monitoring and its crucial role in preventing premature battery failure. He then went on to list and identify the critical battery parameters to monitor in order to prevent failure, and the advantages of the Alber resistance measurement method. He concluded his presentation with an overview of the Alber product line, their applications in different industries and the regulatory requirements positioned to address thermal runaways.

Shawn again took the stage to reinforce the value of proper battery maintenance. One of the main causes of battery failure is human error. The more we understand about proper battery maintenance, the more likely we are to extend the service life of our battery systems. Shawn laid out the framework for recommended best practices for maintenance and enumerated the industry standards to which we should hold our battery systems.

The final speaker of the day was Jeff Donato (Enviroguard). His presentation addressed the importance of battery spill containment and how to meet the specific industry code requirements based on respective location. He urged everyone present to research the “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) in their area, what their roles are and how local code varies. Jeff rounded out his time describing the different purposes and approvals of absorbent material and how to ensure you select the application best suited to your particular system.

The speakers were articulate and informative with the audience in full participation. Some of the best moments came from the Q&A sections where our guests had the opportunity to relate personal situations to the presenters and receive immediate feedback guiding to a possible solution. With over 30+ attendees in both cities we hope to build on events like BGA Battery Day and host similar educational discussions with our customers covering a wide variety of topics. Be on the lookout for our next event!

*If you would like the presentations delivered at this year’s events, please contact Brendan Hall.*

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