3 Superior Benefits of Vertiv’s The Liebert® GXT4 UPS

In today’s critical network environment, optimal performance isn’t an option, it’s a must. But many facility managers still struggle to meet the growing power demands of their infrastructure.

According to a recent Uptime Institute survey on-site power is the biggest single cause of failure, and 80% of respondents believe the most recent outage was preventable.

As the demand for highly available power density increases, critical infrastructures need cost-effective solutions to improving efficiency. To better address the demands in this challenging environment, facility managers should consider a power protection system such as Vertiv’s The Liebert® GXT4 UPS.

The Liebert® GXT4 UPS

This UPS is a higher density power protection system that adapts to mixed load voltages and plug types, while easy to maintain, and offers numerous benefits. Let’s take a look.

Design Flexibility

Most environments don’t have the convenience of building out a new power infrastructure from the ground up every few years as their demands change. Yet, The Liebert® GXT4 UPS provides design flexibility you need to support your infrastructure while enabling you to change and add equipment as needs evolve.

  • Rack/Tower Configuration: It’s designed for use in either rack or tower configurations offering flexibility in different IT environments.
  • Dual Voltages for Multiple Applications: It can adapt to multiple load requirements without having to add other transformers that take up extra room.
  • Additional Runtime: It includes rear panel plug-and-play connections for optional battery cabinets. Cabinet sizes include 5/6 kVA 208/120V – 2U, 6 kVA 208V and 8-10 kVA 208/120V – 4U.

Higher Availability

Providing continuous operation of your facility is essential. And UPS equipment plays a huge role availability. As an advanced power protection system, The Liebert® GXT4 UPS provides you a competitive advantage.

  • Wider input voltage window minimizes battery use: Its wide input voltage window enables the UPS to support the critical load without having to transfer to battery, extending battery life for when it is truly needed
  • Internal automatic and manual bypass: Provides continuity of power to critical loads during system maintenance or in case of internal fault.
  • Self-diagnostics: Automatically tests unit electronics and batteries.

Cost Efficiency

Choosing an advanced UPS system like The Liebert® GXT4 can improve system availability and save your organization from the high cost and inconvenience of downtime, as well as deliver significant savings through improved energy efficiency.

  • Battery cutoff voltage: Automatically adjusts based on load, extending battery life by preventing over-discharge of batteries.
  • Energy Efficient: Meets the EPA’s requirements use an average of 35% less energy than standard counterparts

Ready to Power Up Your Facility?

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