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Bud Griffin & Associates

For over 45 years, Bud Griffin & Associates has been recognized as an industry leader with innovative technology and support solutions for our customers throughout the southwest including Texas and Arizona.

We’ll help you meet the demanding challenges of maintaining today’s critical infrastructure.

As a Local Vertiv Office (LVO), we offer a comprehensive range of critical solutions including power, thermal, and infrastructure management to achieve results that matter most to you.

Whether you need UPS units, large room cooling, or edge solutions, we’ll help maximize availability, enhance performance, and reduce downtime.

For more information, contact our Local Vertiv Offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and Arizona.

Racks and Containment

Racks & Containment

UPS Equipment

UPS Equipment

Power Distribution

Power Distribution

DC Power

DC Power

Switchgear ATS

Switchgear & ATS

Precision Cooling and Thermal Management

Precision Cooling & Thermal Management




Transformers and PQI

Transformers & PQI

Surge Suppression

Surge Suppression (SPD)

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